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About Us​


Each course at the Academy for Construction Excellence is facilitated by an industry expert relative to the class subject, with offerings mean to serve every contractor size or existing company trainings.

Classes and seminars take place in the Small Giants Learning Lab, offering a hands-on setting where everyone is encouraged to be a part of the conversation. We welcome all attendees at our classes, seminars and programs, regardless of client status, size, or specialty.

A sample of classes include:

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• Succession Planning
• Scheduling Series
• Goal Setting
• Bonding
• Basic Legal
• CEO Wisdoms
• Cyber Security
• AI for Construction
• Finance in Construction
• Business Development
• Presentation and Interview skills
• Marketing in the AEC/CRE Industry
• Plan Reading
• Construction Administration
• Construction 101
• OSHA Regulations
• Superintendent Leadership
• Technical Skills for Superintendents
• Being a Successful Project Manager
• Technical Training – How to Write a Quality RFI
• Field Communication
• The Myth of “Work/Life Balance”
• “Your Role as a Mentor”
• Recovery of Damages

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